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Free Plagiarism Checker by Writer4Sale. Check Your Paper or Essay Online

Did you know that every day millions of documents are uploaded to the internet, entering the web of billions and billions of files. With their help, we get a chance to acquire new skills, follow the news and learn lots of various things. We download samples of academic papers to learn how their structure looks like or how to complete the task properly. We also read books and magazines for entertainment.

However, not every student uses those documents correctly and often such a paper ends up being plagiarized. This means that someone downloads the file and pretends to be its author. You still think that it is not serious? However, it definitely is, because such actions are considered a crime and you may even get a fine.

Unfortunately, apart from an obvious plagiarism, where a student is committing a crime, there are situations, when you don’t even know that you are copying something. This happens because of a huge amount of files online, usage of similar phrases, common expressions and so on.

Imagine how unfair it is to work days and nights on the paper, delivering it to the tutor and finding out that it contains plagiarism! Simply because your professor found similarities with other texts by using a plagiarism software.

Not to let such things happen, we have created our own program, which checks billions of files to make sure your paper is original. You can use our plagiarism detector free of any charges, any time of the day and any place you are!

What can be better than having a chance to check everything beforehand? In such a way, you will make sure that your paper is original or fix similarities if you find them. In addition, you can attach a report to your work and deliver it to your professor. We are sure he will be more than happy to see that you thought about him in advance and already provided with a report from the best plagiarism software on the market.

How our essay checker works

Now, when you know how important a plagiarism software is, you definitely need to learn more about it and be able to select the best program, as there are many of them on the internet.

Unfortunately, not every software is reliable and some of the programs simply want to trick money out of the students. To ensure your safety, you need to select a trustworthy software. The main thing that may help is choosing a free plagiarism checker and the one, which has multiple reviews online.

For example, our program doesn’t have any fees, even when you need to download a report. This means that you will be able to check any file without spending anything. Unlike other programs, we don’t have hidden fees. You can also read thousands feedbacks online to make sure that users are happy with the experience. In such a way, you will protect yourself and your paper, when using a plagiarism program.

The process of using our software consists of several stages:

  • First, you need to copy and paste or upload your file to the corresponding field on the screen. You also should indicate specific requirements if necessary and press the ‘check button’;
  • Using plagiarism detector tools, the program will compare your file to billions documents on the internet and check whether there are any similarities. One of the best things that distinguishes our software from the rest is that even if you check the same file several times, it won’t be flagged as plagiarized. This means that it won’t be compared with one another, giving your tutor a reason to believe that your paper is not original. Depending on the size of your file and its originality, the process may take up to five minutes;
  • When checking is completed, you will get a report. It will contain detailed information on all the plagiarized parts and sources. In addition, you can opt for checking grammar and lexical errors;
  • If necessary, you can download a report and attach it to your file.

As you see, using a plagiarism software is simple and not time-consuming. You can make yourself comfortable, pour some coffee and let the software do its work. No need to check every phrase in your browser or leave something to the chance.

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The best plagiarism software on the market

For many students using plagiarism checker tools becomes a necessity, as more and more tutors check every assignment they get on special software. That is why you need to be very responsible, when choosing a program.

Benefits of our free online plagiarism software include:

  • Speed. The whole process will only take you a couple of minutes;
  • You don’t need to pass complex registrations, providing your personal information;
  • Absence of any fees. It is absolutely free of any charges!
  • Latest technologies. Our developers constantly improve the program to make it top-notch. You can be sure that our software is the best among others;
  • Lots of additional features;
  • An ability to customize your request and make it as personalized as possible;
  • We don’t store your papers, so you won’t have to worry that someone will use your assignment in the future.

We care about our reputation and always strive to make our cooperation as positive, as possible. Entrust your assignment to our free essay checker and you will never have to worry that someone may accuse you in plagiarism.

t is the best way how you can protect your work and yourself from wasted time and nerves. What can be better than assistance of the latest software and of the best managers and developers on the global market?

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If you have any questions, you can always contact our managers and get plagiarism software help. We work without days off and strive to help you 24/7. Any time you may need support, we are there to help not depending on your location and time zone.

Don’t hesitate to use our software right now and you will see how easier it will be to complete every high school or college task.

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