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Why you need a research proposal example

Why you need a research proposal example

Research proposal is by right considered one of the most difficult assignments any student has to face, as it requires a variety of skills and knowledge. It is an assignment, which provides a brief summary of the research you are planning to conduct. It aims to explain why the research is important and useful for the audience and the society as a whole.

A good research proposal needs to contain:

  • The key idea of the research;
  • Reasons why your research should be held;
  • Methodology you have used.

You need to provide a summary of your work and encourage readers to learn more about it. Usually, students conduct a research paper as a first step to fund personal projects, so it is very important to work on the paper thoroughly.

Before getting started, it is very important to pay careful attention to the most typical mistakes and to get familiar with research paper examples to be able to avoid them. First of all, you need to be very clear and provide all the necessary information on the issue you are willing to describe, i.e. main ideas, timing, location, etc. Remain focused on the matter but avoid providing unrelated details.

In addition, you need to devote enough time to proofreading and editing your text to eliminate lexical and grammar mistakes, which may greatly spoil general impression. You should also take citing very seriously, as it proves that you have done a serious research and have mastered the topic perfectly.

In our article we will tell you how to write a great research proposal and to make it second to none!

Example and sample of a research proposal

Many students, who need to complete a research paper proposal, try really hard to find relevant guidelines how to write the assignment or pay huge sums to hire professional writers. However, using proposal examples can be a great solution for those, who prefer completing the task on their own.

If you download an example, you get a whole bunch of advantages, which include:

  1. Proper formatting of the paper. You will know how to structure and format your proposal without missing any details or even sections;
  2. Required content. It is quite easy to miss out important sections and paragraphs because of stress or lack of time. If you have an example in front of your eyes, you will always know what details to include to your text;
  3. Avoiding mistakes. If you want to save time and learn on others’ mistakes instead of your own, downloading examples of research proposals is a great solution!


Research Proposal Examples
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Research Proposal Examples
Research Proposal Format
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Research Proposal Format
Research Proposal Outline
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Research Proposal Outline
Research Proposal Sample
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Research Proposal Sample
Research Proposal Template
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Research Proposal Template

Outline of a research proposal

You won’t be able to create a research or any other assignment without a proper sample of an outline or the whole work. Such example is able to help you in understanding peculiarities of the task and its main features.

Your research proposal must contain the following elements:

  • Introduction. Your first paragraph should not only be catchy but also brief and comprehensive. You need to grab and hold attention of the audience and make them want to learn more. In this paragraph you need to describe key problems you are going to solve, used methodology and why your research is important. In such a way, you will persuade readers and tutor that your work matters;
  • Background. Here you need to give a more profound explanation of the issue. Remember, it’s not an essay, so you need to follow a concrete structure, using examples of research proposals if necessary. In this section you need to provide details on the goals of the study, explaining why it must be completed. Don’t forget to enumerate all the problems you are planning to face, offering a plan of the future research;
  • Sources review. This part is usually the most difficult one, because it consists of huge amounts of information and you must structure it according to all of the rules. If you are not sure how to complete this section, you can always get familiar with outlines. They will greatly help in understanding how to process sources. Your main goal is to show that there are many sources on the chosen topic but they all lack information, which will be presented in your own research;
  • Methodology. This part is extremely important, because it contains information on the methods, which you will use in the research. Make a list of all the methods that other researchers have used and offer new ones, based on the collected information;
  • Assumptions. Although a research proposal is not a research itself, you should still provide results you are planning to achieve. Provide information on a possible impact of the study, suggestions and changes you are going to provide in the field. Don’t forget to provide information on how your research will influence the society and how its results can be used;
  • Conclusion. In this section try to be brief and clear. You need to highlight why the research is so important and why it must be conducted. Write several sentences on the field, where your study can be used and how people will benefit.

By following this simple guide and including all the mentioned sections to your work, your research proposal will surely stir up interest of the audience and will help you to proceed with completing an outstanding research paper.

Topics for a great research proposal

It is proven that more than a half of students start facing challenges on the stage of choosing a topic. We decided to help you with this complicated stage and made a list of the most interesting and modern ideas of a research proposal. Choose the one, which reflects your own thoughts and matches tutors requirements:

  1. Is it possible to make business friendly to the environment?
  2. Analysis of Romeo and Juliet’s tragic love;
  3. Describe Sonya Marmeladova, Dostoyevsky’s character;
  4. Racial discrimination in the 19th century literature;
  5. History of racism in the USA;
  6. Destiny of native inhabitants;
  7. Compare Lenin’s and Stalin’s regimes;
  8. What was the main force in beating Nazis?
  9. Evolution of Buddhism;
  10. Why modern democracy is so fragile;
  11. Is it possible for anarchism to become a political force?
  12. Religious extremism in the modern society;
  13. Main principles of Fascism;
  14. Results of Syrian war;
  15. Influence of politics on the society.

Don’t forget to choose a topic, which will reflect your own interests and views, because only with proper motivation you will be able to spend weeks and months on a proper collection of data, analysis and research.