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Everything you need to know about an expository essay

Everything you need to know about an expository essay

If you are assigned with an expository essay, the biggest challenge will be to understand what it is about and to read tones of information. This sort of paper aims to provide the reader with as much data on the topic as possible, remaining detailed and relevant.

At first, you may think that there is nothing simpler, because you don’t have to write about your own ideas on the matter. However, an expository essay has lots of issues to take into account and requires lots of time on the research stage.

You also need to have an image of the discussed matter in your head to be able to give a concise and comprehensive explanation of the subject. You won’t be able to discuss a matter if you know nothing about it! That is why such a task requires lots of preparation and working with multiple sources.

Of course, when you need to describe a situation from your own life or express ideas on a certain topic, you can do without sources and references. However, that won’t do with an expository essay and that is what scares students the most!

If you want to succeed, you need to organize the process perfectly and understand what the main goal of your essay is. However, there is nothing impossible and to get a high grade for your expository essay you only need to continue reading and follow our simple instructions.

Expository essay definition

Many students feel puzzled, when they hear the term ‘expository essay’ for the first time. It is not a regular narrative essay and often causes lots of troubles even on the first stage. If we were to describe this assignment only in two words, they would be information and analysis.

A good example of such a task is when you need to explain how something works. When you buy your mother a new smart phone with lots of recent features and she asks you to show how everything works, you give a detailed explanation. That is what an expository essay is about!

Now, when you know what this essay is, you need to start the research stage. It is crucial for success, so be responsible and use only credible sources. Unfortunately, internet pages like Wikipedia or forums won’t do, as you need to use only books or articles of reputable magazines. All the sources should also be properly sited according to the required formatting style.

The best samples of expository essays

If you doubt, you can find examples of expository essays online and see how they are structured. Having an example in front of your eyes may greatly save your time and give an overall idea of what to discuss.

When getting familiar with all those samples, you can get a better picture of writing techniques and general requirements. You can even find a sample on your topic, which may boost your imagination and give you a great start for the future work.


expository essay examples
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Expository Essay Examples
expository essay format
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Expository Essay Format
expository essay outline
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Expository Essay Outline
expository essay samples
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Expository Essay Samples
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Expository Essay Structure
expository essay structure outline
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Expository Essay Structure Outline
expository essay template
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Expository Essay Template

Topics for a great expository essay

In most of the cases your teacher will give you freedom to decide what to write about. For some students it becomes a real curse, as they need to know what makes them motivated and keeps interested. Luckily, there are thousands of topics you may use.

If you don’t know what to write about, focus on the target audience. Think of the topics your reader would like to know about and choose the one, which transfers the idea in the best way. Try to avoid too general issues and remain specific. Narrow the topic and concentrate on a single matter, remaining clear and focused.

Below you will find topics that may help to find the one, which will reflect your own ideas and will satisfy the audience. We have categorized them depending on your academic level, which will greatly simplify the selection process!

Topics for 8th grade

  1. What your emotions from getting low grades are?
  2. How to remember new foreign words?
  3. Explain how to use computer;
  4. Who do you look after? Why?
  5. What your hobbies are?

Top ideas for an expository essay

  • How to stop being materialistic?
  • How video games influence children?
  • How relationships suffer from social media?
  • Ways of preventing bullying at schools;
  • How to eat healthy with limited funds?

Good topics

  1. Why there are so many divorces nowadays?
  2. How to stop being a shopaholic?
  3. Impact of Internet on teenagers;
  4. What are your positive features?
  5. How to always come on time?

Topics for High school

  1. What makes people successful?
  2. What friendship means to you?
  3. Your understanding of love;
  4. Why should we all remain independent?
  5. Which superhero you love the most?

College topics

  • What impact music has on our life?
  • How to be a leader?
  • What is your favorite book? Why?
  • What is the best way to invest money?
  • Why should we all limit access to media?

How to write a good expository essay

Now, when you know what to write about, you need to know how the structure of an expository essay looks like. Students, who have already managed the task, know that it is quite similar to other essays and you only need to master it once to simplify your life!

Remember, your essay should always sound smooth and have a great organization. You should start with an introduction, then proceed with body paragraphs and finish with a conclusion. Every paragraph has its own peculiarities, so make sure you master all of them.

Outline of an expository essay

When you work on an expository essay, the key is to remain logical and follow a clear structure. Before getting started, you need to create an outline, a plan of your future work:

  • Introduction. It should be brief but informative and contain key details about the assignment;
  • Main paragraphs. There should be three-five of them depending on the arguments you want to discuss. Don’t forget to back all of them with credible information;
  • Conclusion. It is a summary of your work without introducing any new facts.


This section is one of the most important aspects of the future work. If you fail to make it interesting, your audience won’t want to go on reading.  That is why you should work hard on the first sentence, which should be based on three pillars:

  • Add a dilemma or a doubtful question to make the reader want to share his own point of view;
  • Introduce general information for the reader to understand what you will talk about;
  • Close this section with a powerful thesis statement.

Writing a thesis statement should consist of such elements:

  • Clear facts, supported by sources;
  • Helping readers to understand the key ideas;
  • Explaining why you decided to cover this particular topic.

Body paragraphs

When you work on body paragraphs, make sure you follow these simple rules:

  • Start every paragraph with key ideas;
  • Every idea should have credible argumentation and supporting facts;
  • Give explanation why these facts are important.


Now, when you are almost finished, you need to make your conclusion strong and remarkable.

  • Make an overview of your essay;
  • Provide possible solutions of the problem;
  • Explain why your research is important.

Tips of our experts

An expository essay requires not only an interesting topic but also profound skills and enough talent to express your point of view. Don’t forget that before getting started you should understand the definition of this assignment and choose a proper topic. If you feel motivated and enthusiastic, you will surely spend more time on researching the matter and achieving high results.

Don’t forget that you are the most important subject in your essay and the audience will see the topic through your eyes. Make sure to get use of that but remain objective and don’t make conclusions. Let the reader make up his own mind.

Always stay focused on details and try to look at them from different angles. Every essay, which deserves a high grade, should always contain back up information and lots of supportive facts. The reader must be sure that your information is credible and can be trusted.

Consider yourself a person, who is providing the audience with pieces of a puzzle, which they need to collect. Make sure that every piece is situated in a right place to sound logical and clear. Don’t try to copy style of other writers and always remain yourself. However, trying to sound unique doesn’t mean that you should forget about clear language.

Always take your essay as a valuable diamond, trying to make every side shine. It should be readable, clear and generate new ideas. Don’t start your essay if you don’t have enough motivation to proceed.

Unfortunately, not every student has strong writing skills. You may lack experience, have a huge variety of other assignments to complete or feel out of energy to start a new paper.

If you are not sure whether you have enough skills and knowledge to complete an expository essay, you can always use services of our writing company. Just contact our managers and ask to write an essay for you!

We guarantee that it will contain no plagiarism and will be formatted according to the necessary style. Our managers work 24/7, so you can always contact them and get additional information.

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