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Do you know how a great compare and contrast essay looks like?

Do you know how a great compare and contrast essay looks like?

A compare and contrast essay is a great tool to analyze the topic, finding matching or different elements in two or more issues. It is an instrument, suitable for any subject and academic level, so such essays are really popular and you will have to face them at least once during student years.

If you are willing to learn more about the task, to understand how to complete it without any stress or simply to get fresh ideas, continue reading! Our experts have collected the most recent information on how to compare and contrast things, people, events and other matters in a professional and fun way!

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Brief definition

Every guideline starts with a clear definition of the assignment, because you won’t be able to write a thoughtful paper not knowing what it should contain. A compare and contrast essay aims to describe two or more matters, focusing on the similar or different things they have in common. The main goal of such a task is to help the reader to see where these matters interlink and why.

That is why it is so important to choose issues, which have a great background for analysis. You must analyze sources and all the available information in order to have a great basis for the future research.


compare & contrast essay outline
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Compare & Contrast Essay Outline
compare and contrast essay examples
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Compare and Contrast Essay Examples
compare and contrast essay format
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Compare and Contrast Essay Format
compare and contrast essay outline
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Compare and Contrast Essay Outline
compare and contrast essay structure
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Compare and Contrast Essay Structure
compare and contrast essay template
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Compare and Contrast Essay Template

Creating an outline: two main approaches

An outline is a plan of your future paper. With its help you don’t need to think of what to write about next or to experience a fear of a white space. However, an outline of a compare and contrast essay is more difficult than of other assignments. Everything depends on the strategy you use to present chosen issues.

If you decide to describe the topic by using a step-by-step comparison, here is how your structure should look like:

  • Introduction;
  • General idea presentation;
  • Issues to discuss;
  • Conclusion;
  • General review of  key ideas;
  • Evaluation and forecast for the future.

An outline for discussed elements should have the following structure:

  1. Issue 1, Aspect 1 : nuances;
  2. Issue 2, Aspect 1: nuances;
  3. Issue 1, Aspect 2: nuances;
  4. Issue 2, Aspect 2: nuances;
  5. Issue 1, Aspect 3: nuances;
  6. Issue 3, Aspect 3: nuances.

If you use such a comparison, start by focusing on the first topic, making a list of all the issues you want to describe. Then gradually move to topic number two and so on. Eventually describe how they are similar and different, and then close the paragraph.

Introduction of a compare and contrast essay

Introductory paragraph of any essay aims to convey the main idea of your paper and share basic information on the issues you are going to discuss. Don’t forget to add a thesis statement, which is a single sentence that contains the main idea of your research.

You need to inspire the audience and make it want to go on reading, learning more about the topic. A hook sentence is a great tool to succeed, as it allows grabbing attention of the reader. Your hook may contain a quote, an unknown fact, a joke or a story from your own life. However, your hook should be relevant and appropriate, so make sure it won’t sound offensive or clumsy.

Conclusion of a compare and contrast essay

When all of your body paragraphs are completed, you need to work on the final section of your paper – its conclusion. It is an element, which leaves last impression and you need to work really hard to make the reader have a nice feeling after closing your essay.

Your conclusion should contain a summary of all the facts you have provided and restatement of the thesis statement. This means that you mustn’t copy and paste it from introductory section. Don’t forget to include all the differences and similarities you have found during your research.

A summary of how to write a compare and contrast essay properly

When you work on your essay, here are the things you need to remember:

  1. Always organize your work. Choose one of the most suitable elements, like a mind map or diagrams and arrange all the ideas, researching and brainstorming your topic;
  2. Make your thesis statement clear and understandable. There is no need to use complicated words and confusing phrases;
  3. If the topic is too broad, don’t try to cover it all. Just choose two-three points and stick to them, analyzing everything thoroughly;
  4. Don’t forget to read and edit your draft before submitting it. Most of the students simply don’t want to waste time on proofreading, while it usually plays a bad joke with them. If you need help, just contact us and we will assign a professional editor, who will fix all the mistakes.

20 creative topics for your compare and contrast essay

Now, when you know what this type of assignment is about, you are ready to start writing. However, if you still don’t have a clear idea in your mind, it is a right time to get inspiration from the best topics, generated by our professional writers.

Read them, get inspired, invent your own topics or simply use one of the examples to write your own essay and impress your tutor.

Topics for college

  1. Art of Renaissance and Baroque periods. Describe the features, which make these two genres similar and different. Use professional words and phrases to show deep knowledge of the subject;
  2. Duties of an HR and a marketing manager. What are their similarities and differences;
  3. Political situation in the US in 21 and 19th centuries. What has changed?
  4. Constitution of the UK VS Constitution of the US;
  5. Compare Karl Marx’s theory and capitalistic movements.

Topics for high school

  • Differences between European and American football clubs;
  • Differences and similarities between Christopher Columbus and early settlers;
  • Government of a country VS government of your school;
  • What is the difference between a marriage and a civil relationship?
  • How public and private schools differ?

Topics for middle school

  1. Benefits of traditional schooling over remote education;
  2. Fiction VS non-fiction books;
  3. Is it more comfortable to travel by train or by bus?
  4. Who are teenage and adult role-models? Why they are different?
  5. Celebration of Christmas in different countries of the world.

Topics for 6th graders

  1. Pros and cons of various types of sports;
  2. What is better: playing outdoors or watching TV at home;
  3. Similarities and differences of Xbox and Nintendo;
  4. Super Mario VS Sonic: are they alike?
  5. Who is better: Iron Man or Spiderman?

Additional tips

Another effective way of completing a compare and contrast essay is to get familiar with examples online. There are plenty of them available and you can easily find a sample on your topic. However, this doesn’t mean that you can copy and paste the content, pretending that it was you who wrote it.

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All you need is to place an order with clear details and guidelines. In case you experience any difficulties, contact our managers and get a ready essay immediately!