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70 remarkable cause and effect essay topics for every academic level

70 remarkable cause and effect essay topics for every academic level

This article will help you to choose a topic for your cause and effect essay, avoiding stress and long hours of finding a proper issue. A cause and effect topic is the first thing you need to consider, when working on the assignment. Only with a right topic you will be able to engage the audience and clearly convey your ideas!

We hope that offered topics and guidelines will help you to complete your Composition 101 assignment without any problems. However, if you have doubts or don’t want to work on the paper on your own, you can always turn to our professional writers. They will complete your order with ease, meeting all the deadlines and following your requirements from A to Z.

What is a cause and effect essay?

To understand what the teacher wants you to write about, it is necessary to understand the whole point of the assignment. First of all, not many students know that a cause and effect essay is a separate type of writing and aims to show how good you are able to explain causes and effects of a particular event. In addition, such papers show how issues are dependent.

Choosing a topic should be similar to attending a doctor. When they have a patient, they don’t prescribe pills immediately. At first they need to find the cause and analyze what went wrong. Only afterwards it is possible to make treatment recommendations.

Most of the students still think that it is very simple to choose a topic without any recommendations. However, when you have freedom, you may find yourself too confused because of tens of various options. In addition, not having a clear topic may result in a prolonged research and analysis.


сause and effect essay topics example
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Cause and Effect Essay Topics Example
how to write cause and effect essay topics
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How to Write Cause and Effect Essay Topics
сause and effect essay topics examples
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Cause and Effect Essay Topics Examples
сause and effect essay topics structure
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Cause and Effect Essay Topics Structure

Outline of a cause and effect essay

Before reading all the topics we have prepared for you, we highly recommend to get familiar with examples of a good outline. They will give you hints about what to add to your essay and how to structure it properly.

There are two main types of outlines. The first one the one with multiple regular chains, while the second uses the domino effect.  The first type has the following structure:

  1. Introduction;
  2. Effects (1,2, 3..);
  3. Conclusion.

This structure means that a single factor can have multiple effects. For example, a single disease can cause multiple health problems: headaches, poor vision, fever, etc.  Basically, it is the simplest type of outline.

If you have several topics (i.e. many causes or effects), it is better to use the ‘domino’ outline. Here is how it looks like:

  1. Introduction;
  2. Cause and link 1;
  3. Cause and link 2;
  4. Cause and link 3;
  5. Conclusion.

What makes a good topic for a cause and effect essay?

The key principle in understanding what to write about is to master all the instructions and guidelines, offered by your teacher. Your essay should have a catchy title and grab attention of the reader at once.

Here are the most important things to remember, when choosing a topic:

  • Distinguish all of your causes and effects. Take a piece of paper and make a list of all the things you want to discuss in your text. Don’t forget to mark why these things are important for your community or the society as a whole. You can also write down not directly related matters. They may eventually become a cause or effect of the analyzed topic;
  • Choose a proper model. You may understand all the links between the issues but you can lack enough writing skills to express all of them in a clear and understandable manner;
  • Choose smart ideas. First, you need to put yourself into audience’s shoes and think about the things they may be interested in. When you choose ideas, which catch attention of the audience, it is much easier to succeed;
  • Stay inspired! Writing is pure art, so you need to feel motivated along the way. Your topic should stir your own emotions and encourage exploring it further.

70 topics for cause and effect essays

If you are puzzled what to write about, we have collected 70 topics that will surely simplify your life! Choose the one, which suites your subject and enjoy the process:

College students’ topics

  1. What are the causes of anorexia?
  2. Why obesity becomes such a big problem for US teenagers?
  3. Should birth control be promoted?
  4. Do video games cause violence?
  5. Is it possible to replace real communication with mobile devices?
  6. Inadequate behavior in society;
  7. Why is it so difficult for a disabled person to find work?
  8. Why baby boom has negative impact on the society?
  9. Role of low quality products in our healthcare system;
  10. How non-profit companies influence locals?

Middle School topics

  1. Why should labels like ‘successful’ or ‘talented’ be eliminated?
  2. Pros and cons of wearing uniform at schools;
  3. Why history is the most difficult subject for majority of students?
  4. Why homework is useless?
  5. Should boys and girls study separately?
  6. Causes and effects of Harry Potter’s success;
  7. How bullying influences health?
  8. Things that cause unemployment;
  9. Effects of poverty;
  10. Why some celebrities are more popular than the others?

High School topics

  • Influence of parents’ involvement into education;
  • Advantages of sexual education and its effect on pupils;
  • Perspectives of remote education;
  • ADHD children: causes of bad treatment at regular schools;
  • Impact of TV shows on modern teenagers;
  • Impact of private schools on the society;
  • How to lose popularity at school?
  • Role of sexism in our society;
  • Racism at colleges;
  • Threats of food insecurities.

Humorous topics

  • Can you be called famous if you have many subscribers on Instagram?
  • Benefits of using 4G connection;
  • Why watching matches online is a good idea?
  • Did Harry Potter replace Lord of the Rings?
  • Why is it dangerous to upload a wrong photo on Facebook?
  • How to make your pet a YouTube star;
  • How mocking at drummers may ruin your life?
  • How to become less unhappy if your battery dies in a middle of nowhere?
  • How to succeed in selling funny items;
  • What can make you laugh?

Simple cause and effect topics

  • Parents’ burn out: causes and effects;
  • What can make a child successful?
  • Benefits of an open campus;
  • How a regular student can become a famous blogger?
  • Why Google is more popular than other engines?
  • What makes people spend more on online shopping?
  • How to make an app viral in a week?
  • How absence of proper sleep and rest influences our productivity?
  • Influence of Pepsi on health;
  • What are the most popular causes of bad behavior during teenage years?

6th grade topics

  • The war between vegetarians and those, who eat meat;
  • 3-star and 5-star hotels in Asia: which to choose?
  • How Newton and Einstein changed the world;
  • The role of Ancient Greece and Egypt on the modern culture;
  • Similarities of European and American cultures;
  • Differences of universities and colleges;
  • Dictatorship or democracy: which system is more efficient?
  • Different approaches in completing high school tasks;
  • What language to study: Chinese or French?
  • Impact of Baroque on local architecture.

What next?

Once you have selected a topic, you need to start working on a draft. Take your time to conduct a thorough research, finding credible sources and picking interesting ideas. Once you have all the information, you can work on a thesis statement.

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