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Do you need winning argumentative essay topics ideas? We have 100 of them!

Students, who are taking a language or a literature course probably know how difficult it is to complete tens of different assignments at the same time. One of the hardest tasks among them is surely an argumentative essay, which aims not only to show how well you can collect information but also to present arguments and support your point of view.

That is why it is so important to be able to choose argumentative essay topics, which will render your own interests and will be relevant for the modern society. When you enter college, topics become more complex and in most of the situations you are the one to pick what matter to discuss.

Apart from selecting a right topic, you should also be able to:

  • Conduct a thorough research;
  • Read as much information on the subject to provide thoughtful writing;
  • Analyze your essay line by line to make it relevant and interesting.

Unfortunately, if you don’t possess at least a single skill out of the three, you may easily find yourself in big troubles. That is why the best solution is to choose a professional writing company. There are hundreds of them on the market and you can easily order an argumentative essay. However, if you want to do it on your own, you can get familiar with examples of similar works and then write an essay on your won.

Remember, the whole point of this task is to show how well you can debate on a certain subject. If you are able to conduct a good argumentative essay, you will most likely be able to give out good speeches and public performances in future.

How to choose a winning topic

On one hand, it is much simpler when teachers assign a topic. You don’t need to waste time, thinking what to write about and doubting whether you have made a right choice. However, it is still much better to be able to select a topic on your own. You have freedom to discuss a subject, which interests you the most and motivates you to examine the topic thoroughly.

When working on the assignment, you need to study multiple sources to collect relevant and interesting information to back your ideas. Here are sources, which are considered credible and reliable:

  • Textbooks from the class;
  • Published materials;
  • Scientific journals;
  • Videos;
  • Newspapers;
  • Regulations and laws.

You can be a real professional in a chosen subject but you should still add quotations and information from various sources. In such a way you show that you can collect and process information, and distinguish necessary data.

In addition, citations in your text will show that you can format your paper properly, which is a great plus not depending on the type of assignment you have.

If you still don’t know what to discuss or have too many argumentative essay topics in mind, you can always contact writing specialists and they will assist you in making up a right choice! Such professionals know how to make your essay shine and save your time for other important assignments.


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Argumentative Essay Examples
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Argumentative Essay Format
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Argumentative Essay Outline
argumentative essay sample
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Argumentative Essay Sample
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Argumentative Essay Template

Argumentative essay topics we recommend

Below is a list of the best topics, carefully selected by real experts. You can choose one of them and be sure that it will grab attention of the reader immediately!

General topics

1. Why ACT and SAT results are so important?
2. Do we have a commercialized educational system?
3. Strong and weak sides of MBA programs;
4. What is the easiest language to learn?
5. What languages are the most popular at the moment?
6. Peculiarities of US education;
7. Obesity problems in the modern society;
8. Can Internet be a threat to educational system?
9. Should men have a right to decide whether to go to war or not?
10. Should curriculum at colleges and universities be more loose and relaxed?
11. Disadvantages of higher education.


12. Does Mike Tyson still have millions of fans?
13. What is considered the most important sport achievement?
14. Pros and cons of NCAA;
15. Importance of physical education at schools;
16. Benefits and drawbacks of steroids.

Topics for young scholars

17. Why children shouldn’t watch scary movies;
18. The most risky kinds of sports;
19. Is there an alternative to swimming, when it comes to usefulness?
20. Can playing golf be considered cool?
21. Importance of sleep for physical and mental health;
22. Impact of anorexia on teenagers;
23. Can diets be effective?
24. Is nutrition a key to a healthy and long-lasting life?

Topics for college students

25. Industrial revolution in Europe;
26. Can social minorities expect justice?
27. What is the minimal acceptable age to start drinking alcohol or smoking?
28. What is the best age to start voting?
29. Should TV representatives be allowed to record any court meeting?
30. Danger of energetic drinks;
31. Should sales of alcohol be prohibited at night?
32. How alcohol destroys brain;
33. Passive smoking kills;
34. Alternative to death sentences;
35. Should it become illegal to produce tobacco?

Classical ideas

36. Can native Indians be still found on the territory of US?
37. How can Amazonia be protected?
38. Origin and nature of tsunamis;
39. How tornados affect population;
40. Can US disappear from the map because of all the natural disasters?
41. Did King-Kong have a right to kill people, who threatened his land?
42. Impact of Roosevelt’s policy;
43. Why it is considered that Wilson lost war?
44. Pros and cons of globalization;
45. How issues of pollution can be solved;
46. What are legal instruments to ban environmental harm?
47. How to stop animal testing?

Controversial topics

48. Why CIS is considered a USSR substitute?
49. Positive aspects of communism;
50. How to get around law;
51. Can corruption be one of the reasons of low wages?
52. Impact of same sex marriages on the society;
53. How to implement controversial laws wisely?
54. Everyone should get education for free;
55. Why acceptance rates in top universities keep growing;
56. More private schools should become free;
57. How can we stop financial crisis?
58. Can WW 3 be avoided?

Technical topics

59. When will a rapid technology growth slow down?
60. Influence of technology on education;
61. How real communication suffers from smart phones?
62. Mobile users gradually turn into zombies;
63. Bad language online;
64. Can loneliness be caused by lack of real communication?
65. Can shooters and other violent games be a reason of massive murders at schools?

Social media topics

66. Should censorship online exist?
67. Do online relationships have a chance to last?
68. Dependence of the modern society on Internet;
69. Why is it dangerous to have a Facebook account?
70. Can technology limit our imagination?

Essays for fifth and sixth grades

71. Can dating online be safe?
72. Should abortions be legalized?
73. What is global warming?
74. Impact of cross-cultural relationships on tolerance;
75. Is it normal for people with big age difference to date?
76. It is a right of every woman to decide whether to do an abortion or not;
77. Should cloning be prohibited?
78. Should spy applications be easily obtainable?
79. Why shouldn’t parents be too involved in their children’s lives?
80. Increase of wages in the US;
81. Should a working week make up four days?
82. Are people kind by nature?
83. Should any medical treatment be free?
84. Governments should participate in social improvements more actively.

Humorous topics

85. Ways how to make parents softer with their kids;
86. Marijuana is completely safe;
87. Why are Simpsons yellow?
88. The best jokes of Family Guy;
89. When a single chip will control our actions and brain?
90. 4D,5D: what’s next?
91. The best actress to pay April at TNMT;
92. Why pizza is Ninja Turtles’ favorite dish?
93. Could Superman integrate into a real world?

Topics on art, cinematography and music

94. Was Kurt Cobain actually murdered?
95. Why modern films are worse than they used to?
96. Why heavy metal has more sense than rap?
97. Meaningless lyrics in modern pop songs;
98. Do artists make enough money for a living?
99. The most popular form of art in Europe;
100. Why music is better than paining.

Tips, which will greatly help

If you genuinely want your audience to like what you write about, here are the main tips you should follow:

  • Your topic should be very modern and interest the society. Pay careful attention to facts, rumors, interesting events and so on;
  • Always choose a controversial matter. What’s the point in telling the audience that the earth is not flat?
  • Most of your audience should deny your ideas;
  • Your topic should have lots of points of view;
  • Your topic must motivate you to examine it.

There are also some advices, which may simplify the process:

  • Never choose obvious topics!
  • Trivial topics should also be avoided. The more arguments your subject has, the better;
  • Winning argumentative essays always discuss matters, which stir up interest of people from all parts of the word for a long time. Make sure your topic is one of them;
  • Topics on politics, including government, elections or international conflicts are always a great choice;
  • Listen carefully to what people tell about the chosen subject;
  • If formatting style is not specified, stick to APA or MLA, as there are multiple examples online;
  • Avoid topics, which are not usually discussed in society, as they can be too sensitive. They include gender, religion or nationality;
  • Don’t select a matter, which makes readers agree at once;
  • A good idea will be to choose a topic, which discusses educational standards, which most of the students find annoying. Remember, argumentative essay is about arguing, so don’t worry if students will start a discussion with your teacher!

Once you complete several essays, you will see that usually the process and logics of completing such a task is quite the same. The main goal is to choose outstanding argumentative essay topics to influence the audience and stir up its interest.

Even if it is a high school essay without a grade, consider yourself a participant in a worldwide competition with outstanding prizes. This will greatly motivate you to work on your essay more thoroughly. In case you still lack motivation, you can turn to professional writers and they will quickly solve all the arising issues!

Now, when you know everything about the best topics, it is a right time to have a closer look at the completion process and structure of such an assignment. Here are the stages you need to follow:

  • Conduct a deep and thorough research;
  • Collect various sources;
  • Choose the most recent and trusted ones;
  • Make an outline;
  • Write several drafts;
  • Proofread and edit your work;
  • Double-check your essay thoroughly.

A regular argumentative essay has five paragraphs. It helps students to reveal the topic and not to bore the audience. Here are the main paragraphs you need to include to your work:

  • Introduction. Start with a brief explanation of the matter. Readers should have an idea of what you are going to write about. Add a joke, quote or an interesting fact depending on the topic. You can also provide example from your own life. Don’t forget to close this section with a thesis statement;
  • Three body paragraphs. Every body paragraph should start with an argument, followed by supporting information. All the facts should be reliable and persuasive, and complemented with citations;
  • Conclusion. The last section should consist of a summary of your work. Here you restate main points and call to action;
  • Bibliography, where you list all the used sources depending on a formatting style you choose.

Final thoughts

If you follow all our recommendations, you will see that it becomes much simpler to work on essays. Don’t forget to save your essays, because you may need them in future.

However, if you still don’t want to waste time or can’t choose a topic you like, you can turn to professional writers. They work round the clock and are always ready to help you!